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You have an options to set up your own Journeys Plaza site using one of the levels below.

There are currently four levels of customisation:

Level 1 - Using the default template

Use Journeys' standard template with your own commission levels.

By using our default template, there is no further customisation required before you can start selling travel insurance through your Journeys Plaza website. If you use Journeys Extranet service to issue and manage insurance, Journeys Plaza will automatically use the 'Default Rate' commission level. Rates can be changed in System Settings, accessed throuhg the Manager menu.

Level 2 - Your logo and style sheet

With this option, your Journeys Plaza website will be customised to use your logo and your colour

scheme through the use of our customised style-sheet.
The most basic level of customisation that we offer is to use your corporate logo and website colours to replace the default logo (top left) and to modify our style sheet.

Your logo should be 300x83 pixels and saved as a gif, jpg or png image format.

To change the style sheet you can either complete the 'Style Sheet Change Form' (attached), send us a screen capture with the requested changes, or a written request of the changes required.

To set-up Level 2, email your logo, RGB colour codes and preferred fonts to our IT team. Please include your ABTA number as used to log into your extranet account to help us deal with your request as quickly as possible.

Level 3 - Customising the quotation templates

We will supply your web designer with our template files (HTML & CSS Style Sheet) for them to customise to your own requirement.

We will send you, electronically, a compressed file containing all of the template pages, style sheet and images for your web design team to modify. With this, you can change the whole look of the website without effecting its functionality. You simply need to return this to our IT team who will set your Journeys Plaza account to use these modified files.

Level 4 - Custom Web Services

Using our quotation and issuing Web Services, you can fully customise travel insurance into your existing website.

To set-up Journeys Plaza Web Services, please contact our IT team. Please include your ABTA number as used to log into your Extranet account to help us deal with your request as quickly as possible.

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