Policy Wording


This Policy Wording document outlines all the important information you need to know about our cover.

Please read this Policy Wording in full to understand what is covered and make sure that you and all other persons to be insured are satisfied with the cover provided.

Journeys Travel Insurance is only available to residents of the United Kingdom who purchase their cover before they travel.

This Policy Wording document is a legal contract based on the information you supplied when you applied for this insurance. We rely on this information when we decide what cover to provide and how much you will pay, therefore it is essential that all the information given to us is accurate and that you have answered our questions fully and accurately.

Please see the IMPORTANT MEDICAL CONDITIONS & EXCLUSIONS; HAZARDOUS ACTIVITY & WINTER SPORTS and the POLICY VALIDATION PROCEDURE on the document below. You must tell us immediately if there are any relevant changes in your circumstances or to the information already given.

Accurate information about pre-existing medical conditions relating to the health of the people travelling and others upon whose health the travel may depend is particularly important as the Policy Wording contains specific conditions and exclusions. If you are not sure whether something is important, please tell us anyway as failure to do so may invalidate your insurance.

The Policy Wording, together with Your Policy Schedule and any endorsements that apply sets out the insurance protection being provided in return for your premium. It also tells you how to make a claim and how to contact us. You must read all of these documents carefully. Please contact us immediately if this insurance does not meet your requirements.

Please click on link below to view and print either a summary or a full version of the policy wording.